Lance Reger MD
Adult Psychiatrist
Forensic Psychiatrist
Addiction Medicine Specialist
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Charlotte North Carolina Psychiatric Independent Medical Examination
Dr. Reger strives to provide insurance companies, employers, and attorneys with the highest quality forensic psychiatric independent medical examinations available.  This includes IMEs and workplace fitness for duty evaluations.

With seven years experience as a consultant for Liberty Mutual Insurance company, Dr. Reger has been involved with thousands of workplace disability determinations.  Most psychiatric IMEs fail to examine the complex interplay between mental health problems, motivation, and non-medical factors that may impact on an evaluee's interest and ability to return to the workplace.

Dr. Reger provides objective psychological testing as part of all of his workplace evaluations.  If a referring source requires more extensive psychological testing such as an MMPI-2 or a SIRS, Dr. Reger will coordinate with a forensic psychologist to have that testing completed and will intergrate the findings into his report. 
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